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Demos from Hell
These are excerpts from actual demo tapes.
Everybody thinks they should be a star.

Demo from Hell 1.0
Entitled "Your Love is Real". Please don't call Ron at work. (4:33/4.2MB)

Demo from Hell 2.0
Don't know his name, but it's his second album. (3:11/2.9MB)
(Also available on an STP album apparently)

Demo from Hell 3.0
A message from J&H Productions. Pertaining to... concerts... and shows. (6:10/5.6MB)
Oh yea, he also sent a p.s. ... (7:20/6.7MB)

(Bonus Section)
Sessions from Hell
These are excerpts from actual recording sessions.
Courtesy of Al Kooper from his Kapusta Kristmas Albums Vols. 1 - 5

Session from Hell 1.0
The classic spy tape, The Troggs! Many say this was the inspiration for Spinal Tap. (8:12/7.5MB)

Session from Hell 2.0
With Al Kooper in the producers chair, St. Regis craft their pop masterpiece. (7:16/6.7MB)

Session from Hell 3.0
a voice over session with Orson Welles. Not my VO session thankfully. (5:24/4.9MB)

Session from Hell 4.0
Casey Kasem at his finest. Shaggy never talked like this. (1:08/66K)

Bus Ride from Hell 1.0
Take a ride with Buddy Rich. Some drummer from Texas sent this little adaptation of "Cute". (:59/57K)

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